Do not wait until you get complaints from your customers or sales will decline because of the technical issues in your store. Use online scans and test below to check your store regularly to keep it in top shape.

1) Mobile-Friendly Test by Google

This one is a major test - if Google does not see your store as mobile-friendly, your SEO ranking is downgraded. In addition, around 60% of your customers are visiting from the mobile devices, and if your store is not optimized for mobile, you will not get those orders. Not mobile-friendly? It's time to upgrade!

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2) PageSpeed Insights by Google

This test will analyze the content of a web page and generates suggestions on how to make that page faster. First, look for "Should Fix" section which will list the major issues.

The most common issue we see is "Reduce server response time" which Google wants to be under 0.5 second and "Optimize images" which is easy to fix by compressing your images.

One problem you will probably see in any online store is "Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content" and, unfortunately, it's the hardest to fix.

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3) Website Speed test by

This speed test will show you more details on which elements are slowing down your store and will give you suggestions on what to fix. 

First thing you need to look ​at is First Byte time - it has to be around 0.5 second. Second parameter to check is Start Render time which has to be under 2-3 seconds for your store to feel fast to your visitors. See if your store is taking advantage of browser caching and CDN and, if not, talk to us about setting it up.

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4) SSL Certificate Checker by

This diagnostics tool will help you locate any problem and verify your SSL Certificate installation.

Looks for any red marks - usual problems are missing chain certificates may not be noticed on desktop browsers but will show SSL certificate warning error on mobile browsers and prevent customers from checking out on mobile devices.

Make sure to enable option to check the server for the common vulnerabilities as well.

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5) DNS/Firewall test by

Can your store be loaded from multiple locations around the world? 

You can also use GeoPeeker to ensure that your site is displaying region-specific content properly.

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6) DNS Checker by

This is a very fast DNS diagnostics tool will show you any problems with your DNS and report all your DNS related data.

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7) Server Load test by

This test will show you if your server can handle a set number of visitors. Free option will allow you to test with 25 visitors because even this can overload a server if it's too small for your store or you are using a shared hosting package on already overloaded server. A visual graph will show you at what number of simultaneous visitors your store will start slowing down. Paid account is able to load test your store with up to 1.2 million concurrent users.

If you expect a huge serge of visitors due to a promotion or an upcoming article in a major publication, ​talk to us about upgrading to a load balanced multi-server cluster which can handle an unlimited traffic.

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