We are excited about the latest upgrade of our support system to a new version of Kayako (www.kayako.com). There are many new features and capabilities which will allow users to get help faster and agents to work more efficiently.

First of all, submitting a new request is as easy as starting a conversation: just click on the chat button on www.finestshops.com or click “Start a conversation” from www.mystorehelp.com  or even send a request or question from Facebook or Twitter.

Kayako Messenger: gives you a more friendly and personal chat experience. Starting out with suggestions from our self-service content, Messenger then seamlessly start a live chat support, or capture and start a ticket in the system.

Social login: if you are a new user of our support system, you can sign in by creating a new account with your email or using your Twitter, Facebook or Google login.

Unified search: We’ve added a powerful unified search feature, making it easy to find whatever you need, from any area of the support desk. Just type a ticket ID, subject or keyword.

Social support: You can now send support requests and questions from Facebook and Twitter in addition to sending an email to [email protected].

One limitation we noticed in the new system is lack of support for CC or multi-user tickets. If you send a request to the multiple emails, our reply will go only to the original email address. Kayako developers are working on it and will update that features soon.

Let us know what do you think about the new system and if you notice any issues so we can let the developers know and include the fix in the future releases.