14 essential E-commerce tips to boost your online sales

There is more to creating a successful online store than just the quality of the products or services you provide. A reliable and secure e-commerce platform, a creative marketing plan, powerful tools, helpful statistics and an attractive presentation of your online store are all important in achieving high conversions. We’ve put together a list of 14 essential e-commerce tips to boost your online sales through 2018 and beyond.

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1 Keep customers shopping with advanced search extensions for your online store

Let’s say that you own a retail store selling designer clothing…

A customer comes in and asks one of your employees for some assistance. The customer asks to see a specific item but your employee doesn’t recognize the name, so he simply tells the customer that he cannot help and walks away. This leaves the customer with one of three choices: keep trying to search the store on their own, keep trying to ask the employee for help until they get the name right, or simply go somewhere else.

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The world’s #1 commerce platform just got better – a quick look at Magento 2.2 and it’s new B2B features

Magento is the most popular e-commerce platform in the world, with over 250,000 merchants worldwide continuing to create and maintain beautiful, functional and profitable online stores. Many of the Fortune 500 companies you know like Ford, Nike, and Honewell use the Magento platform to sell their products and services online. It is without a doubt the industry leader in e-commerce.

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We upgraded to new support system!

We are excited about the latest upgrade of our support system to a new version of Kayako (www.kayako.com). There are many new features and capabilities which will allow users to get help faster and agents to work more efficiently.

First of all, submitting a new request is as easy as starting a conversation: just click on the chat button on www.finestshops.com or click “Start a conversation” from www.mystorehelp.com  or even send a request or question from Facebook or Twitter.

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Trademark Hardware leads the door hardware industry with new e-commerce B2B website.

We would like to congratulate Trademark Hardware on the recent launch of their upgraded website, managed by FinestShops. Trademark Hardware is the industry leader in commercial door hardware and continues to rapidly grow by working with clients like Google, Tesla, NASA and many others.

Trademark Hardware’s mission has always been to “provide the largest selection, best pricing and outstanding customer service in the hardware industry”. Their mission has propelled them to surpassing 2 million dollars in sales in just their second year of launching, to the present where they are the industry leader and running on the most advanced e-commerce website among commercial door hardware suppliers.

The new Trademark Hardware website at https://www.tmhardware.com is powered by the X-Cart shopping cart software. The website has received a big performance boost, a new modern responsive design as well as additional functionality to provide better browsing and purchasing experience for their customers.

“With our new site you will enjoy a faster and snappier browsing experience, responsive web design, redesigned product pages and user-friendly checkout,” wrote the Trademark Hardware Team in their official press release.

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To upgrade, or not to upgrade: that is the question

You have a Magento 1.x (or any other older system) online store which runs okay. It is a bit on the slow side, the interface is a little outdated, but it takes orders, your staff is used to the process, and you have many customizations and extensions. Why change something that is still working? Below are a couple of reasons:

  1. Magento previously announced the end of life for version 1.x will be in November 2018, but later stated that support would continue for at least 18 months after that date. In any case, Magento would stop releasing critical security updates for the old system over the next two years. Do you really want to rush into upgrading and risk running an unpatched store?
  2. The best extension providers assigned their best talent to Magento 2 projects. I have not seen many new extensions released for Magento 1 for some time now, but I do see this being done for Magento 2 all the time. We all know, in any business, if you are not constantly improving and going up, you are going… you know. If you will not use the new and improved customer interface, checkout flow, B2B capabilities, and all the other core improvements of Magento 2, your competitors will.

Do you have to upgrade right now? No. You can keep running it while it keeps processing orders.
Do you need to consider an upgrade? I guess you already are because you have read this far.

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Happy Canada Day!

Canada Day is the national day of Canada. It celebrates the anniversary of the July 1, 1867, enactment of the Constitution Act, 1867 (British North America Act, 1867), which united the three separate colonies of Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick into a single Dominion within the British Empire called Canada.

Just a friendly reminder that our office will be closed until July 4 as we celebrate with fellow Canadians Canada’s 150th anniversary.
We are monitoring all the servers 24/7 so you can enjoy your weekend. If you require an emergency support, please submit an urgent priority ticket at https://www.mystorehelp.com


New Magento Security Releases (May 31, 2017)

On May 31, 2017, Magento released new updates which contain over 15 security enhancements.

The most important are security patches to be installed as soon as possible:

  1. SUPEE-9767, Enterprise Edition and Community Edition which addresses several security issues.
  2. Magento 2.0.14 and 2.1.7 Security Update which contains multiple security enhancements.

If you are one of our lucky clients, we’ve got you covered and we are installing those patches in all stores hosted with us. If you need an update for your store, please contact support.

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You’ve got an online store. What’s next?

You’ve got an online store. Checkout, shipping, and taxes all work correctly. Your store is easy to use and fast (it is fast, right? see the last paragraph on how to make sure). Your online conversion rate is OK. All your managers are happy, employees are excited. Business is good.

What’s next?
How about taking it to the next level?

Check few upgrades below which will provide an amazing ROI for your business.

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