Are you running an online business based on the Magento 2 platform? Have you found it difficult to find the right sale-generating extensions for your e-Commerce website?

It is undeniable that Magento is one of the best e-commerce platforms for online store owners to boost sale, engage customers and build loyalty. But how do you choose the right extensions when over 1,500+ are available? The experts Landofcoder have selected their top 5+ incredible Magento 2 extensions for e-Commerce websites to help you choose the right ones for your business.

Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension

If you are seeking a Magento 2 extension that can turn your website into an auto-functional online marketplace, Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension will be the best choice.

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With this extension, benefits of both vendors and customers have been considered as the top priority than ever. Sellers are well supported to take control of a range of subjects (products, sales, invoices, shipments,…). At the same time, customers are maximally facilitated in transactions. They also can give reviews and ratings for sellers’ products, which have a significant impact on the website’s reputation.


  • Create Multi Vendors With Smart Store Front
  • Check out Unlimited Vendor Products At Once
  • Included Advanced Reports
  • Set Commission Up With Ease
  • Be Compatible With Various Magento 2 Themes


Magento 2 Reward Points

Magento 2 Reward Points is a sales-generating extension which mostly focuses on hitting customers’ psychology. By offering reward points for shoppers during the checkout, you can drive them eager to purchase your products.

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The extension is an optimized marketing tool for store owners to engage an unlimited number of customers, enhance their loyalty and attract new potential ones. How does it work? There are 4 primary steps.

-> Customers gain unlimited points.

-> Customers pay points during the checkout.

-> Customers refer to friends and co-workers.

-> Attract new customers and familiar ones.

Therefore, you can boost sales and promote website reputation rapidly.


  • Offer Reward For Visitors In Multiple Ways
  • Earn Point Quickly By Referring To Friends
  • Easily Earn And Spend Points
  • Manage Point Transactions With Ease
  • Refund By Points And Get An Advanced Report


Magento 2 FAQ

What will you do if your visitors have a lot of questions about your products but do not know how to ask and get answers? That is why Magento 2 FAQ is provided to solve your problem.

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By generating an informative Magento 2 FAQ page with a list of questions on each specific product, you will quickly satisfy your clients. They can view detailed answers to different question categories by Expand/Collapse feature. FAQ page also is an effective method to promote your products because the more questions and answers are shown, the more understanding of your products customers can get. Once they know your products well, transactions will become smoother and more convenient.


  • Divide FAQs Into Different Categories & Change FAQs Easily
  • Display The Top Asked Questions For Time-Saving
  • Show FAQ On Particular Product Pages
  • Create Multiple Gorgeous Layouts & Styles
  • Support Diverse Animation Effects


Magento 2 Order Tracking Pro

Magento 2 Order Tracking Pro is highly appreciated as a useful tracking order solution for both store owners/admins and purchasers. After completing an order, whether you wonder how the next process is going on. This module helps sellers and buyers manage their orders fast and efficiently. When using this extension, both admins and customers can send order information to any email addresses they want.

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If in other Magento 2 tracking order extensions, your customers are compulsory to log in to check the information of orders (status, shipping method, order ID…), with this module, they are free to track order details without login. All they need to do is providing their order ID and email address to reach the order. Consequently, you can meet your customers’ satisfaction and raise their loyalty sustainably.


  • Track Order Info Without Login
  • Support Multi-Language & RTL
  • Track Order Link In Main-Menu/Top Link
  • Track All Information Of Order, Invoice & Shipment
  • Check Order Status By Generated Order QR Codes


Magento 2 Affiliate Extension

One of the most popular SEO-friendly strategies for e-Commerce websites is setting affiliate programs. They will be active affiliate channels bringing you a lot of profit. At the same time, your affiliates also can get benefit from these programs. Magento 2 Affiliate Extension enables your partners to join affiliates fast and efficiently.  

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There will be no limitation for you to set multiple affiliate programs. Moreover, you are enabled to manage affiliate campaigns by applying some necessary conditions and requirements. You also can control transactions, withdrawals, and partners’ accounts. Hence, the extension will be used appropriately and efficiently to promote your sales.


  • Generate Various Affiliate Programs
  • Apply Conditions & Requirements If Needed
  • Set Commission, Discount & Payout Requirements
  • Limit Withdrawal Amount
  • Support Transaction Management


Final Words

We sincerely hope that our list of top 5+ incredible Magento 2 extensions for e-Commerce websites is helpful. These extensions are all outstanding on their own, but they will become especially valuable when they are optimized to fine-tune your online store, attract more customers, and provide a pleasant shopping experience. There’s not a single reason not to take advantage of them.